Amalgam Coffee Brewery at Balikpapan

in Cafe, Coffee

This café located in Jl. MT. Haryono Balikpapan and newly established since November 2016. They brought a lovely concept as a base for coffee drinker. Room space is not too big nor small for café. Their tables and seating is great for working with notebook.

I saw many coffee menu offer drink by its type such as americano, espresso, cappuccino that mostly produced by espresso machine. On the display they have 5 origin beans that roasted by their group in Surabaya. Roasting profile ranged from medium roast to dark roast. Unfortunately light roasting profile was not ready. Barista told me they have special blend of arabica robusta bean in their grinder hop. It mixed from three origin and robusta hold 30% of its batch volume. I'm curious about the blend outcome so i've decide to order café-latte with tulip art.

It wasn't take long time for barista to make my order arrive to my table. The presentation was great for me, because i still beginner in the latte art class. At the first sip, the coffee taste was not bitter though without sugar and it smell smokey and leave small hint of peanut.